GOod Queen Anne

Of the few women who have ruled England in their own right, Queen Anne is least known and most under-valued. Yet, her brief reign saw the small island nation off the coast of continental Europe rise from internal chaos to global might.

Anne Stuart’s story starts with a clandestine marriage -- between her royal father and commoner mother; her birth greeted as a letdown due to her sex; her youth at a court famous for immorality and intrigue; her happy marriage to a handsome prince. Plots aplenty, a secret midnight flight, persecution, and ill-health culminated in a crown and a glorious reign.

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about judith lissauer cromwell


After a successful corporate career, Judith returned to academia as an independent historian. Experience as a magna cum laude graduate of Smith College, holder of a doctorate in modern European history with academic distinction from New York University, veteran of corporate America, mother and grandmother, enriches Judith’s perspective.

Her first book, Dorothea Lieven; A Russian Princess in London and Paris 1785-1857, returns to the subject of Judith’s doctoral dissertation, “Changes in British Foreign Policy towards France as a Result of Changes in Government, 1841-1846.” Published in 2007… read more