ABOUT Judith


After a successful corporate career, Judith returned to academia as an independent historian.  Experience as a magna cum laude graduate of Smith College, holder of a doctorate in modern European history with academic distinction from New York University, veteran of corporate America, mother and grandmother, enriches Judith’s perspective.

Her first book, Dorothea Lieven; A Russian Princess in London and Paris 1785-1857, returns to the subject of Judith’s doctoral dissertation, “Changes in British Foreign Policy towards France as a Result of Changes in Government, 1841-1846.”  Published in 2007 after ten years of meticulous research in New York, and state archives in major European capitals, Dorothea Lieven tells the tale of a remarkable female who changed the course of history.  Florence Nightingale, Feminist,  Cromwell’s second book, published in 2013, recounts Florence’s riveting story from a post-feminist perspective. Good Queen Anne; Appraising the Life and Reign of the Last Stuart Monarch, published in 2019, is the first nuanced biography of a wise and popular ruler undeservedly either maligned or ignored by posterity.

Judith entered the international world of Wall Street in 1973 as one of its few female executives. She established a global firm’s company-wide information center, then founded the firm’s market research department where she organized, executed, and presented strategic planning projects. Judith was elected a member of the YWCA Academy of Women Achievers.


The author not only thrived in the clubby male world of Wall Street, but also, as a single working parent, raised two children. Judith is herself the daughter of a pioneering female physician, one of a handful admitted to the staff of New York Hospital in the early 1950s.

Judith’s European background and knowledge of languages; her experience as a wife and mother; her familiarity with living in foreign cultures; her insight gained as one of the first female executives in a male world dominated by international relations, uniquely qualify her to tell Dorothea Lieven’s story. As a successful example of the Feminist era, Judith is especially fitted to tell Florence Nightingale’s remarkable narrative from a post-feminist viewpoint. And as a woman, daughter, parent, corporate executive, and scholar the author brings practical experience and solid academic credentials to bear in her re-examination of Queen Anne.

Judith Cromwell lives in New York surrounded by her children and grand-children.